As a person who likes to write about my experiences I also find it therapeutic to read what other great bloggers have to say.

There are a few who I really love to follow regularly and one of these is the brilliant Helen Best-Shaw and her delicious blog, Fuss Free Flavours.

So imagine my excitement when she was invited to visit Four Seasons Fairways. She wrote some lovely things about our home here in Quinta do Lago and clearly loved her stay but there was one thing I wanted to share with you that I also have been able to try a couple of times myself. To learnt to make the traditional Portuguese Seafood Cataplana.

To read more or watch Helen’s video recipe head to her blog post or to try one without the hassle you can enjoy on a Saturday at dinner, the Algarvian night in the main Four Seasons Fairways restaurant by Chef Nelson Candeias.

Quoting from Helen’s interview with the Chef about the basis of the Portuguese kitchen, “Onion garlic, red & green peppers” says Chef Nelson, along with “Louro (Bay leaf) and coriander”.

Also “you can never have too much garlic” he added!
So if you are visiting – try the algarvian Cataplan dish in its different varieties, fish, sea-food or meat!

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