Liz Hodges

Originally from Kidderminster in Worcestershire, Liz Hodges left her job as a banker some 30 years ago and moved to the Algarve. She came on holiday to visit friends and […]

Carla Clara

Carla Clara, who runs our golf office, was born in Angola but brought up in South Africa. This was where her family fled as refugees in 1974 when Portugal cut […]

Cláudio Guerreiro

Originally from Angola, Cláudio Guerreiro’s training was in management and new technologies. But after taking a temporary summer job here in 1994 as a pool attendant,Cláudio joined the maintenance team […]

Mário Pinto

Mário Pinto graduated from the Institute of Art and Design in Lisbon but soon realised that hospitality and, in particular, housekeeping was his true vocation. Mário joined as Executive Housekeeper, […]

Fábio Rocha

Bar Supervisor Fabio Rocha from Faro, having gained extensive experience training and working in the Algarve, including the prestigious Lake Resort in Vilamoura, has created many of the fabulous cocktails […]