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Members Thank You Scheme

During this development work we have a number of different types of members impacted by the work. The Board recognises the support members are giving their club during this period and in return would like to thank them in the following way:

If you are a full club member in weeks 44 to 12, currently receiving the disturbance discount deducted from your management fee invoice & winter scheme allowance during your winter week stay, you may defer the use of up to 50% of winter allowance until the following year.  Alternatively you can use an additional €50 of the winter allowance towards golf or VDL car hire during the clubhouse development period.

i.e. use €150 in the restaurant & bar & €150 on golf or VDL car hire during this winter
use €150 in the restaurant & bar (€100 of which could be used for golf or VDL car hire) and save €150 to be used in the bar & restaurant the following winter.

Members with winter scheme+ contracts, weeks 44 to 12, will receive a once off €100 food and beverage voucher for each week they own to be used during their stay in the clubhouse development period.

Members with October and April weeks, weeks 39 to 43 (2017) & 13 to 17(2018) will similarly receive €100 food and beverage vouchers per week, to use in the development period.

Due to the significant number of properties going through refurbishment over the next few years it is unlikely that we will be able to make many exchanges during this & future development periods.  There simply won't be much stock available particularly during November, February & March.  We are sorry but the ability to help is severely restricted at this time.

We hope that you will decide to come to the club during the works.  We’ll be offering a different experience but we’re sure you’ll enjoy it just as much as always.  Our marquee restaurant & bar will be cosy with the furniture from the existing clubhouse and will be manned by the staff you all know.  Although at times some of our other facilities won’t be available we will make sure that we can offer you a suitable alternative.

Looking forward to seeing you during this exciting period – Monday evening drinks will still be on!

For more details please contact Liz Hodges at or via the contact form below.

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