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By Dara Flynn
September 1 2019
The Sunday Times

A whole trip in one on fairways to heaven

What is there to do on a golf resort when you don’t play golf? Well, there’s fine-dining, stunning wildlife and serene beaches, finds Dara Flynn

The Four Seasons Fairways resort is perfectly manicured

When you’re not a gym bunny, have no kids and don’t golf, it’s difficult to know what to pack for a week in a Portuguese villa golf resort with a kids club and an Active Living package that promises kayaking, paddle-boarding, personal training, tennis, mountain biking and stretching sessions on the lawns.

To ensure that I make good use of it all, I pack a family: along with me and my other half comes my brother Niall (a physical education teacher and keen golfer), his wife Sarah (also active, and remarkably non golf-averse) and their children Emma, 9, and Aidan, 7 — both into all the sports.

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