Behind the scenes of wintergrill

Recently Tom and Henry visited Four Seasons Fairways and designed, made and filmed 5 of their favourite winter grill recipes. Over the course of 3 days they explored the local markets, discovered the authentic flavours of the Algarve and entertained everyone at the resort with their charming presenting skills. Here is a quick, cheeky look at what they got up to behind the scenes. 

Check out the WinterGrill recipes

Cheeky Chicken Piri-Piri Wraps | WinterGrill

Cheeky Chicken Piri-Piri Wraps

Chicken Piripiri in homemade flatbread wrap

Full video and recipe
Seasons Seabass | WinterGrill

Seasons Seabass

Grilled Seabass with lemon and oregano

Full video and recipe
Med-Lamb | WinterGrill


Grilled lamb chops

Full video and recipe
Trouserless Sizzling Prawns | WinterGrill

Trouserless Sizzling Prawns

Grilled with garlic, chilli and olive oil

Full video and recipe
Tipsy Gifs | WinterGrill

Tipsy Figs

Baked figs with fresh cheese and local honey

Full video and recipe

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