Fábio Rocha

Bar Supervisor Fabio Rocha from Faro, having gained extensive experience training and working in the Algarve, including the prestigious Lake Resort in Vilamoura, has created many of the fabulous cocktails now available from the extensive drinks menu.

‘Creativity is what I like’, he says. Which he is happy to demonstrate, by also creating bespoke cocktails if you just ask. Fabio and his team run an extremely well stocked bar.
One of the more unusual drinks is Blue Magic Sharish gin from the Alentejo, the colour of which turns pink when you add tonic! This happens because the tonic changes the drink’s properties from alkaline to acidic. The Clubhouse bar also stocks Benedictine, a liqueur originally produced at Fecamp in France, which was discovered by soldiers from the East Lancashire Regiment when stationed there during the First World War. Interestingly, the largest importer of Benedictine today is Burnley in Lancashire, where the locals like to drink it with hot water. Where else in Portugal can you ask for a ‘Benny-and-hot’ (Benedictine and hot water) and the barman will know what you mean?

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