When it comes to food there are two types of people.

For some it’s a beloved hobby, for others it’s a necessary source of energy.

I fall squarely and passionately in the former bracket.

Food excites me. It gets me out of bed in the morning. I often can’t recall what I did last weekend but I remember meals I ate decades ago and can still taste the very best of the flavours if I close my eyes.

So, clearly, I take my restaurants seriously. When a new one opens I am the first person banging on the door, desperate to get in there, see how the chairs feel when I sit, peruse the menus, hold the cutlery in my hands and agonise over what to have. It’s about far more than the delights that come out of the kitchen of course. It’s harder to enjoy a great piece of fish if you’re staring at an ugly painting in a dingy basement. And equally an average steak can sneak up the scale if you’re surveying a scene worthy of a painting.

Thankfully Amara, Four Seasons Fairways’ latest opening, didn’t let me down. The responsibility of creating something new from scratch has to be taken seriously, has to be authentic, has to make the most of the surrounds and, of course, has to deliver food that tastes better than it reads on the menu.

I started with foie gras mi-cuit with radish quince gel and jam, followed that up with seared fillet of seabass with scallops, glazed vegetables and an orange sabayon sauce, and rounded off supper with the chocolate delight with mousse and hazelnut ice cream all while back lit by the beautiful views that surround the panoramic restaurant.

Sounds incredible… tasted even better. The combination was so good I’m willing to bet that even some of those people who fall into the other bracket of eating out of necessity would be raving about the place… try it out and let me know!

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