JAZZING UP GOLF – A Jazz touch in Golf

Jasmine, otherwise known as the Jazzy Golfer in her trademark jazzy leggings, is a passionate golfer and blogger with an impressive social media following. Her mission is to make golf more accessible, especially to young women, and increase the profile of ladies’ golf. Through her blog, she shows the fun side of the sport and wants to get rid of the common misconception that golf is boring.

Having formerly worked in finance, she gave it up nearly three years ago to concentrate on golf. A holiday in Portugal was to blame, when she swung a club for the first time and was instantly hooked. Jasmine was disappointed when she returned home to London, however, to find how club golf in the UK is geared towards the older generation, and men in particular.

She now aims to  hange this with her inspirational blogs. Take a look at her entertaining ‘Rising Star  Roadshow’ video clips, which feature interviews with aspiring young girl golfers and show them tackling various fun challenges out on the golf course.

Jazzy Golfer Jasmine, who on a recent visit spoke to Four Seasons Fairways, says: “It would be great to see more magazine, TV and social media coverage of women’s golf to showcase how exciting it is. We have so many talented young female players in Europe. We definitely need to be shouting louder about their accomplishments.”

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