As I write, I am sat at the end of the bar in the new Clubhouse – A Gin&Tonic is on its way and a gentle buzz of activity is taking place around me – I’m sure the day times here never used to be quite so lively – I like it.

Since it opened, I am told by a few of my friends here that the clubhouse seems to feel busier than ever – in a good way, and this doesn’t surprise me now I am sat in it for myself – what a marvellous space. Stepping inside for the first time I was immediately blown away by the sleekness and incredible design detail that has been put into it. This post isn’t about the detail however it is about what you can expect if you haven’t seen it for yourself yet or for those guests who are contemplating a return to Fairways.

The new-look clubhouse has everything one would expect from a space such as this. Places to relax, places to drink and chat and most excitingly we now have two new restaurants. Vivo, as we are now to know the day time bistro by is fantastic. Wonderful booths for small groups and plenty of outdoor dining space also. The design of Amara, which will open officially later this year looks immaculate and I was lucky enough to sneak a peek at some ideas for the new menu so needless to say I have already put my request in for a tasting menu reservations and a table overlooking the golf course in the panoramic setting.

Just as I order my second G&T I say to you – I am a big fan of wine, so when I saw the new glass walled, temperature controlled wine cellar and tasting space I got a little bit flustered. I can cancel my annual wine tasting trip now, it’s all available right here at Fairways. Plus, the new bar which at first glance appears to be half indoor/half outdoor, although I am reassured that its completely covered so even when it’s raining (yes, it rains in the Algarve) I can still treat my better half to her favourite gin cocktail during our December week.

I haven’t personally been in the new heated outdoor pool yet but I am told, and have it on good authority that the balmy 25ºC is enough to entice anyone in on even the coldest days of the year. I must say I like the fact that I can shuffle my way down the new slope and play with my grandchildren in the shallower water. They can also make use of the indoor kids pool too and indoor heated pool and walk in jacuzzi – this will be where you’ll find me come our visit in December. My wife particularly loves the fancy new water current machine – she’s always been the sporty one.

Elsewhere in the clubhouse I can vouch for the fact that the gym is really fantastic. A lot of extra space for swinging my arms around like a mad man and excellent equipment. The new golf shop (I’m a frequent visitor) is superb and looks fantastic right next door to the new games room. World cup fever was well enjoyed… still can’t pot the black from the other end of the snooker table though! Practice makes perfect. My Son and Grandchildren were here a few weeks ago and they loved the new kids club. Wow! What a space. I wasn’t sure if I was dreaming but I could swear I saw a panda on the ceiling!

If you haven’t explored the new clubhouse yet, don’t wait. The food is at its always incredible high standard – that’s one thing that will never change about Fairways and the design really does fit the needs of the masses. Lots of Portuguese features, touches of copper (I don’t envy those required to polish it) lots of glass making the space feel huge and inviting and I think I will be spending a lot more time up here. Especially if they keep bringing us these Gin&Tonic’s… What is in these – mine just changed colour…I think I have had enough for today.

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