There are two questions I always suggest people think about more when booking a holiday. When to book and when to travel.

In the not too distant past winter in the UK was the more popular time to travel. Holidaymakers wanted to get away from the coldest months at home and escape to somewhere where windy ice rain isn’t on the weather menu.

In many ways this way of thinking makes far more sense than a summer escape. You’re not going to be able to play golf, go biking or birdwatching during an English winter unless you’re wearing all of your clothes. Which would probably have a detrimental impact on your swing.

Plus you’d be hard pressed to find a heated outdoor pool on the doorstep. And for me there’s nothing quite like a heated outdoor pool to make feeling cold a distant memory.

The vast majority of people book exactly when holiday companies want them to (early January just after Christmas) because, you guessed it, it’s cold and people are dreaming of not hiding away indoors any more. You’ve probably been inside eating and drinking for a week and vitamin d levels have dropped to practically zero. But if you’ve just been away or are just about to you’ll be immune to this insatiable urge to get on a plane and can book at quiet times when prices are at their best. Like May for example.

If you were to book a stay at Four Seasons Fairways in May with an eye on travelling late November to mid December or early to mid January you’ll find serious bargains. Like 800 euros for a week in glorious Quinta do Lago. While frozen tracks leave commuters spending hours stuck in train stations you could be in the Algarve enjoying incredible scenery, mild weather and a huge range of facilities. Like spas and gyms and restaurants and bars.

I know where I’ll be this winter… where will you be?

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