Active Living – Catching up with Helen Glover after active Living week and member, Carol Walker’s take on how it went for her.

You’re now a returning guest to Four Seasons Fairways. What were your thoughts on coming back and how did Fairways feel or live up to your expectations the second time around? What aspects of it do you think suit your family the most?

Helen Glover says…

“It was amazing going back. I felt like the holiday started from the moment we arrived at the villa as it was all very familiar. The thing we enjoyed most as a family was the swimming pool. It was great to have the option of the indoor and outdoor pool.”

Logan and your mum came with you again except now Logan is over a year old. How do you think Fairways suits young families and multi-gen families such as yours, for example the Kids Club and the grounds?

There were activities that my mum and I enjoyed such as tennis, and Logan had fun in the creche while we did our activities. As a family, we had a great time putting Logan in a bike seat and cycling to the beach. I spend a lot of time paddle-boarding, so it was great to get out for a paddle while my mum looked after Logan on the beach! 

You were back for Active Living Week and it seemed to go really well. What did you make of it? What did you like about the week the most?

I loved meeting everyone on Active Living week. The best part was the real mix of ages, abilities and reasons for being there. Ranging from people who wanted to get fitter and healthier to people who wanted to try some new activities in the winter sun. A highlight for me was the stretching sessions. It was a chance to chat about my experiences as an Olympian and get to know everyone attending the Active Living week. 

We are so excited to hear you are coming back to do it all again in 2021 What would you say to those people on the fence who are not quite sure about joining in or signing up? What can they expect to get out of it and what have you got in store? 

Getting some sunshine after a British-winter is often at the top of people’s wish-list, and combining some winter sun with the Active Living programme is a great way to introduce some exercise to your holiday. Any exercise session can be tailored to your own needs and level of experience.

From gentle morning stretching to kayaking and paddle boarding, there is something for everyone.

We have heard from you in great detail about the importance of an active life in your everyday, but what small changes can people make to help them on the road to moving more or being more active and healthy?

Simply moving more is a great first step towards improved health and fitness. If you can walk somewhere instead of driving, then that’s a great way to get some exercise in and also help the environment!

If you could give our readers one piece of healthy living/active living advice, what would it be?

Make sure you choose activities that you enjoy! Healthy lifestyles should be about enjoyment and not punishment.


My husband and I are Fairways owners and always look forward to our summer holiday in the Algarve. This year, as the weather turned cooler at home, we decided we would visit for some autumn sunshine and we were delighted to find out our week coincided with the week Helen Glover was also visiting, promoting the Active Living programme.

I was keen to meet Helen and, along with guests of many ages, attended two stretch classes out on the lawn, which were suitable for everyone. I think everyone left feeling a little taller and a little more supple.

I also jumped at the opportunity to go paddle boarding with Helen along the Ria Formosa. My husband took part in this too and it turned out to be great fun. Helen was very friendly and approachable, and I was particularly keen to hear about her journey to becoming a two-time Olympic gold medal winner and World Champion rower, as I took up indoor rowing 18 months ago. Helen was very modest, but I found listening to her very inspiring and motivational. Her words of wisdom must have helped me, as in early December 2019, I competed in the British Rowing Indoor Championships at the Olympic velodrome in Stratford where I won a bronze medal in the 2k and a gold medal in the 500m in my age category.

There is something for everyone with regards to Active Living at Four Seasons Fairways all year round, and my husband and I are already looking forward to our next visit.

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