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No one passing the glass-fronted Adega wine storage facility in Fairways’ Vivo Bistro could fail to be impressed. The redesign of the Four Seasons Fairways Clubhouse some five years ago presented the opportunity to upgrade the previous wine cellar to a state-of-the-art installation to keep the wine in perfect condition. With 125 different wines in stock and around 20 available by the glass, it’s obvious that wine is taken very seriously at Fairways.

Four Seasons Fairways prides itself on offering a diverse selection of wines sourced from renowned vineyards worldwide. From the classic elegance of Portugal’s regional varietals to the bold expressions of the New World, there’s a bottle to suit every taste. Spearheading this journey is Fairways’ sommelier, Daniela Rodrigues, whose passion for Portuguese wines is palpable.

“At Fairways, we have wonderful wines from all around the world, although our focus is on Portugal. I love being able to help our members and guests identify which Portuguese grape varieties and regions appeal to them,” she says. “Although many people at Fairways know a lot about wine in general, they are not always so familiar with Portuguese wine.”

One of Daniela’s favourite parts of her job is holding her weekly Wine Masterclass. “I put my heart into each session and try to bring a dynamic approach,” she says. “Although wine is a serious business, wine tasting should be enjoyable and fun.” Daniela makes a point of remembering people’s preferences and says “I’m finding that members are now increasingly asking me for my recommendations when choosing their wine. I find that very satisfying.”

Portugal’s rich tapestry of terroirs offers an unparalleled spectrum of flavours and styles. From the Douro Valley’s rugged landscapes to the Algarve’s sun-kissed shores, each region imparts its unique character to the wines it produces.

With over 300 types of grape grown in Portugal and a wide range of growing conditions, or terroir – cold and mountainous in the north, to hot and coastal in the southern Algarve – there is a wine to suit every palate.

You might enjoy a dramatic red from the Douro in the north of Portugal that is both fresh and elegant. Or you might prefer a strong, full-bodied red from the Dão region, a bit further south, where the protected, temperate climate produces good quality fruit. If it’s a sparkling white you’re after, the Bairrada region further west is fast gaining a reputation for Champagne-style wine. This region also produces superb red wines, such as Daniela’s personal favourite, Kompassus, made from Baga grapes.

Embracing Innovation

To ring the changes at Four Seasons Fairways, Daniela is making some additions to reflect new trends in taste and improvements in wine-making processes. “I think it’s important to showcase the best of what the Algarve has to offer,” she says. “Wine from the Algarve has improved dramatically in recent years. Here, the climate suits the Negra Mole grape, which produces a wine similar in style to a Pinot Noir.” Other new wines that she is introducing include the unusual ‘orange wine’, so called for its deep colour produced by fermenting the grapes with their skins.

Another introduction is Amphora wine from the Alentejo region, for which traditional clay vessels are used during the fermentation process.

Wines at Fairways start at around €17 a bottle, but there are, of course, more expensive wines, such as Oh Carlos Manuel, which sells at €88 a bottle. The most expensive is €195 for a bottle of Quinta do Vale Meão, from the Douro. However, Four Seasons Fairways has invested in the Coravin system, which allows this and other special wines to be sold by the glass. This is a clever system of extracting a glass of wine using a thin tube that passes through the cork without damaging it or destroying the seal. “Because the wine left in the bottle doesn’t spoil, people can try some of our more unusual wines without committing to buying a whole bottle,” says Daniela. “I always say there are some wines that you should try at least once in a lifetime.”

Four Seasons Fairways Wine Cellar
If you like…With these characteristics…You will enjoy…Grape Variety
Sparkling WineHints of lemon, and herbs.
Lower alcohol
Kompassus Rosé Brut
Suba Pet NAT
Baga, Pinot Noir
Pinot GrigioThe aroma of passion fruit, green peppers,
herbs, peach
Vallado Prima
Casa de Sta. Eulália
Maria Gomes
Sauvignon BlancGrape VarietyVicentino
Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon Blanc
ChardonnayHints of lemon, and herbs.
Lower alcohol
Adega Mãe
Provence RoséPale colour, hints of red berries,
Beyra Rosé
Touriga Nacional
Pinot Noir
Tinta Roriz
MerlotHints of spices, red fruit, raspberry, blueberry
Medium body
Adega Mãe
Quinta da Bica
Quinta do Pinto
Merlot & Syrah
Pinot NoirHints of strawberry, raspberry,
smooth low body
Morgado do Quintão
João Clara
Pinot Noir
Negra Mole
Negra Mole
Cabernet SauvignonBlackberries, blackcurrant, spices
Full-bodied red
Quinta do Piloto
Marquês dos Vales Graça Vineyard
Conde do Vimioso Sommelier Edition
Cabernet Sauvignon
Touriga Nacional, Petit Verdot
Touriga Nacional, Aragonês, Cabernet Sauvignon
Daniela Rodrigues | Four Seasons Fairways

Get to know the passionate force behind Fairways’ wine program, Daniela Rodrigues. With a lifelong love for wine cultivated from childhood, Daniela brings a wealth of experience and storytelling to every glass.

Since completing her degree in hotel management and joining Four Seasons Fairways as a sommelier late last year, Daniela has been enjoying her new role and says that it is her destiny.

“Wine has always been a big part of my life,” she says. “As a child, I remember my maternal grandfather bringing up demijohns of wine straight from the cellar. There was always that pungent smell of young wine in the air. “But it was my father who encouraged me and sparked my curiosity the most. We used to play a guessing game where I had to smell the wine and guess the type of grape. He told me great stories about his time working in a vineyard producing Lafões wine in the Dão region of northern Portugal, which is where my family and I are from.” While studying for her degree at the University of the Algarve in Faro, and gaining specialist wine qualifications, she gained work experience at local fine dining establishments, as well as Taylor’s Port in Vila Nova de Gaia in Porto. “I hope my wine expertise will help members and guests enjoy their wining and dining experiences even more.”

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