tipsy Figs

Tom and Henry say:

“Figs grow in the area in abundance. Simply roasted they make for the perfect evening snack and combined with Medronho the local spirit made with native fruit and the fresh goats cheese that offsets the sweet figs you have a really delightful plateful."


 Serves 4

  • 10 Ripe local figs
  • 400g Local soft fresh cheese, sheep cheese would be ideal [fromage blanc > feta, softer and not as strong]
  • 300ml Medronho [Algarve made spirit]
  • Jar of local honey
  • Pinch of flaky sea salt
  • Small bunch of fresh basil
  • Small locally baked loaf, wholewheat sourdough is ideal 


To make, quarter the figs and put into the roasting dish, drizzle over a couple of teaspoons of honey, add the Medronho. 

Give a 5 minute blast of heat so the points of the figs char and then lower the temperature and bake for 30 mins. Keep an eye on the dish and if the syrup that forms starts to set add a little water. 

10 minutes before the 30mins of roasting is up, pop the loaf in to warm through. Serve with a chunk of the fresh cheese, drizzled with honey and the sticky figs and their syrup next to the cheese. 

Tear the basil over the top and finish with a little pinch of flaky sea salt. Tear the loaf up and use its hot rough edges to mop up the syrup and assist with the eating of the hot figs and fresh cheese.

This dish works well as a starter, evening veranda snack or after supper with a glass of Medronho on the side. 

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